Wednesday 10th April, 2019

OK, so I have never written a blog before! Firstly forgive me if this is not particularly an intellectual posting today.  Then again I need to be careful not to set any expectations up for further posts to be intellectual either!

I am however so excited about the launch of this website, which is just a month before my book will be published.  It has been over a year in the making of HLP; a journey that has been completely surreal and before last March, it was never even in my consciousness. It is proof that if you learn to trust and allow whatever is meant to happen to happen, then anything is possible.  And i mean anything!  I have had to learn how to let go of fear, judgment, rejection, abandonment and so much more and just surrender over to my heart and soul and let them lead me down the path they want me to follow.  It has been a very tough and painful ride at times but to see something come to fruition like this is such an incredible feeling.

I live HLP now, I have to, I have no other choice.  I have done this the hard way and if others can learn to do this less painfully then that is a blessing in itself. I have finally reached a place in my life where I have self love, self worth and self compassion and I can work hard at trying to be the best version of myself and live an authentic life.  I have to practice what I preach to be able to support others on this journey. This is something I can never take for granted though and i will constantly need to keep working to maintain these gifts.

I hope others will be able to find some comfort and understanding within HLP and finding their inner truth and a place of unconditional love.

I would like to make some more meditations for You Tube once I have worked out the technical obstacles (definitely not my forte!) so please subscribe to me on You Tube  if you wish to receive these in the future.

Blessings, love and light

Alexandra x